Good nutrition is important for older adults whether living in their own homes or within care residences. However, older adults are at increased risk of malnutrition, which is due to changing nutrition needs as a result of illness, loss of appetite, reduced independence and/or ability to cook or shop, or social isolation.
We can support your aged care facility or community care service to ensure meals provided are nutritious, appropriate and meet specific policy and guideline requirements. In addition, we can work with your staff to ensure they are equipped to help clients eat/drink well and appropriately for their health.
We offer menu assessments and menu development services, training for food service, medical and care staff; dietetic consultation for residents and residents, and client education.

Tailored services

We can tailor education on a topic of your choice or package an educational program to meet your specific needs.
In addition, we partner closely with our clients to tailor a variety of nutrition related projects to meet organisational objectives.
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Menu assessments

Our menu assessment services help ensure the meals provided at your care facility are nutritionally balanced, offer variety and support food enjoyment for residents.
Meeting nutritional needs is important to optimise both physical and mental health and improve quality of life for older adults.
Nutrition Australia can assess your facility menu for variety and nutritional adequacy, in accordance with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and Commonwealth Accreditation Standards for aged care facilities.
The assessments are conducted by an Accredited Practising Dietitian. A comprehensive report will be provided including the results of the analysis, areas of compliance and recommendations for improving the nutritional quality of your menu.

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