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Nutrition Australia Vic Division (Vic, SA, Tas, WA) offers a range of services to improve your workers’ performance with healthy eating information and strategies, including masterclasses and tailored Q&As.

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Digital Nutrition Content

Workers who are healthy and getting a nutritious diet demonstrate improved concentration, mood, mental health, performance and productivity. The Nutrition Programs and Services (NPS) Unit at Nutrition Australia Vic Division have launched a new suite of digital nutrition & health masterclasses to support the wellbeing of staff in workplaces.

These masterclasses are developed by nutrition and subject matter experts with a breadth of knowledge and experience behind them. The masterclasses are delivered live or pre-recorded and provide knowledge on a range of healthy eating topics. Through presenting a masterclass to your workplace, your staff will be inspired to eat a balanced diet to promote wellbeing.

The Q&A is also extremely popular amongst workplaces as it provides an interactive forum for staff to have all of their diet related questions answered by our expert nutritionists and dietitians at Nutrition Australia.


Our workplace masterclasses and Q&As empower staff with the knowledge and motivation to choose healthier foods and drinks at work and at home. This can benefit workplaces and staff with:

  • Increased engagement and productivity
  • Improved relationships and morale
  • Increased staff attendance and retention.
  • Reduced  stress.
  • Healthier and happier employees.

Package options

Masterclasses can be delivered individually or as a series based on the needs of organisations. Topics include:

Pre-recorded masterclass

30-minue pre-recorded masterclass for staff to view in their own time

Pre-recorded masterclass and Q&A session

A 30-minute pre-recorded masterclass followed by a 30-minute live Q&A session at a later date.

Live masterclass and Q&A

A 60-minute live and interactive masterclass, and Q&A session.

For all products, staff receive a post session handout summarising the key messages.

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For further information about Nutrition Australia ACT Division (Vic, SA, Tas, WA) workplace health and wellbeing programs, email us at [email protected].