Insights Reports for Food Industry

Nutrition Australia Vic Division offers insight reports to support food industry in meeting nutrition standards and guidelines in a range of settings.

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Insights reports

Leveraging off Nutrition Australia’s nutrition research experts, and extensive knowledge of the various nutrition standards and guidelines, we offer insights reports for food industry including distributors and manufacturers to best outline how you can meet nutrition guidelines.

What we offer

We will undertake extensive research into the current requirements of the setting which you wish to sell to (Aged Care, Schools/OSHC, Long Day Cares, Hospitals, Sport & Recreation). This will include a review of the current practices of the setting, preferences or considerations of the consumer (such as texture consideration for aged care residents), and the current nutrition guidelines and/or quality standards.

We will then review your products against these considerations and provide recommendations to assist you in tailoring and marketing your products to suit one or more settings. These recommendations will consider nutrient composition of the product, budget, sales and marketing, current opportunities available to you and suggested future product and collateral development.

The research and recommendations will be compiled into a comprehensive insights report presented by the skilled senior nutrition expert of the Nutrition Programs & Services (NPS) team at Nutrition Australia Vic Division.

Aged Care Insights

Following the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, our nutrition and research experts compiled an extensive insights report for food industry in aged care. The report provided recommendations for food industry to best meet the nutritional needs of residents in aged care facilities, taking into consideration the recommendations outlined in the Royal Commission, as well as the nutritional and physical conditions of residents (such as Dysphagia and Malnutrition), and the opportunities for food industry to tailor and market products to meet the needs of residents. The report was compiled by nutrition experts at Nutrition Australia Vic Division, as well as subject matter experts in aged care.

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