Give your vending machine a free health check with FoodChecker

13 September 2019

These days vending machines are almost everywhere we go – in our staff rooms, sports clubs and train stations. But is it time to rethink the standard contents of chocolate bars, sugary drinks and salty chips?

Healthy snacking is a growing industry, with predicted growth driven by snack-savvy consumers who are actively seeking out more nutritious options.

And with the NEW vending machine assessment feature on FoodChecker, the power to provide healthier options in your organisation is literally at your fingertips!

Assess your vending machine for free on FoodChecker to get instant feedback and recommendations for healthier drinks, snacks and meals.

FoodChecker is your free, online and instant way to find out if the foods and drinks in your machines meet the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines.

The guidelines classify foods and drinks as GREEN (Best choices), AMBER (Choose carefully) or RED (Limit) according to their nutritional value, and recommend that vending machines contain at least 50% GREEN items, and no more than 20% RED.

Enter every drink, snack, and meal in your machine into FoodChecker to get instant on-screen feedback, and a detailed report.

You’ll find out the overall percentage of GREEN, AMBER or RED items in your machine, and get tailored recommendations for healthier changes.

With FoodChecker you can:

  • assess your vending machine, or plan a new one
  • search the database of over 3,000 branded products to find healthier GREEN and AMBER options
  • assess recipes made on-site, such as sandwiches, salads and meals
  • get an instant feedback
  • and much more!

And if you make changes to your machine, you can reassess it on FoodChecker with the click of a button.

You can assess a vending machine anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device!

Want to give your vending machine a health check? Get started on FoodChecker!


FoodChecker is brought to you by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, which is delivered by Nutrition Australia Vic Division and supported by the Victorian Government.

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service is your one-stop shop for free information, training, and resources to provide and promote healthier foods and drinks in your childcare centre, school or business.