19 May 2020 

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service’s Menu planning guidelines for long day care were developed in 2012, to provide services with clear advice on what to include on a healthy menu that aligns with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the National Quality Standard.

In 2020, we have added a few extra criteria to make it easier for you to know how to use the following ingredients in your menus:

  • added sugar
  • added fats and oils
  • sauces and condiments that are high in salt
  • spreads, such as Vegemite and jam
  • and ingredients to keep off the menu, such as deep fried and processed meats.

The updated Menu planning guidelines for long day care document is out now (19 May 2020), and the new criteria will come into effect on FoodChecker from late July 2020. 

It’s easier than ever to plan a healthy menu

The Menu planning guidelines for long day care contain everything you need to plan a nutritious menu for your long day care centre. It includes: 

  • an Ingredient quantity guide so you can find out how much food you’ll need for the amount of children you’re cooking for, and
  • Menu planning checklist to check your menu on the spot .

THEN assess your menu on FoodChecker to get your final, tailored feedback – or get confirmation that your menu meets the guidelines!

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service is delivered by Nutrition Australia Vic Division, with support from the Victorian Government. Visit www.heas.health.vic.gov.au.