4 June 2020

FoodChecker is the free way to find healthier foods and drinks for your Victorian school canteen or food business.

And we’ve recently added so many new products, we’ve doubled the database!

Now you can find more than 6000 branded products classified GREEN, AMBER, RED or BLACK according to Victorian Government guidelines for schools, retail food outlets, catering and vending machines.

Search in 16 popular categories, such as sweet and savoury snacks, drinks, ice creams and desserts, hot foods, ready-made meals, condiments and more!

With the double-size database you can:

  • find over 2500 healthier GREEN and AMBER packaged foods and drinks
  • see if you supply any RED or BLACK items
  • PLUS, save your search results in PDF, and get a personalised feedback report.

If there’s a food or drink you can’t find, you can assess it yourself using information from the packet.

Looking for healthier options for your school or food outlet? Find them on FoodChecker.

FoodChecker is brought to you by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service, which is delivered by Nutrition Australia Vic Division with support from the Victorian Government. Visit www.heas.health.vic.gov.au.