Distribution Project

Nutrition Australia Vic Division are supporting many of Victoria’s most prominent food distributors to display the classification of the most popular products they provide to hospitals and health services, schools and sport and recreation facilities.

Supporting distributors to identify and promote healthier food and drink options in these settings will enable those working within these settings to make more informed decisions when selecting foods and drinks to stock in their food service outlets. It also promotes the use and implementation of the Victorian Health Choices guidelines and other school food services policy (healthy school canteen guidelines) and therefore has the potential to make the food environment healthier in hospitals, schools and sport and recreation facilities.

This project is funded by The Department of Health.

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In 2021, Nutrition Australia engaged with food distributors to understand the needs of those working within the settings. From this engagement, it was revealed there was a demand by these settings for manufacturers to classify their products against the state and territory food and drink guidelines.

Nutrition Australia Vic Division is now engaging with nine Victorian distributors to support them in identifying and promote healthier food and drink options to cafes, kiosks and canteens in hospitals and health services, sport and recreation centres and schools in Victoria.


All Victorian food distributors were given equal opportunity to apply for the Distribution Project. Following a robust application process, nine distributors have been selected in two cohorts.

Project scope

Commencing in April 2021, the Distribution Project involved:

  • Acquiring a list of the top products sold in Victoria by each distributor.
  • Assessing these products against the relevant Victorian nutrition guidelines.
  • Selecting eight healthier (Green or Amber) products from each of the top five food and drink categories for hospitals, sport and recreation facilities, and schools to include in the distributors’ product catalogues.
  • Providing education to sales representatives
  • Supporting with marketing material.

Project success

Nutrition Australia has supported four distributors with all tasks of the project.

Currently, Nutrition Australia is undertaking support for a further five distributors following additional funding from The Department of Health.