Educating Health Professionals on Australian Almonds

Nutrition Australia Vic Division, in collaboration with the Almond Board of Australia, delivered the ‘Educating Health Professionals’ project aimed at increasing health professionals’ awareness of the health benefits of Australian almonds and the important role they play in a healthy diet.

The project, titled ‘Educating Health Professionals on Australian Almonds’ is a three-year project funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia.

Health professionals can view and download Almond resources at

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‘Educating Health Professionals on Australian Almonds’ is aimed at better informing health professionals on the benefits of daily almond consumption. The project works to increase awareness of the role almonds play in a healthy diet, and position Australian almonds as an important ‘nutrition solution’ that health professionals can recommend to their patients and clients.


The team from Nutrition Australia Vic Division and the Almond Board of Australia successfully delivered a range of resources for health professionals. From 2018-2021, the project executed:

  • Almond factsheets,
  • Digital clips covering a range of topics including, Good Health, Heart Heath, Diabetes, Gut Health and Weight Management,
  • Almond exhibitions at multiple conferences including General Practice Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) 2018, Diabetes Expo 2019, Dietitians Australia National Conference 2019, Nutrition Society of Australia conference 2019, and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 2019,
  • ‘State of Science’ resource,
  • Webinars for health professionals,
  • Almond Orchard Tour with key nutrition and health professionals, and
  • Virtual orchard tour and almond tasting event.
Dietitians Australia Conference 2019
Almonds Mood & Cognition Factsheet

Almond Orchard Tour 2020

Success of the project

We are proud to share, upon engagement with health professionals at conclusion of the project, 64% of health professionals surveyed visited the Australian Almonds website and 87% of health professionals reported they were ‘very likely’ to recommend almonds to clients.